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Best memory foam mattress in India

When we entered the industry, we had to face a lot of competition. There were numerous big players in the market. As a result, our superior quality was not able to compete with massive marketing campaigns of
major brands in the beginning. The credit of our well established name today goes to the support of our initial customers. They trusted our new company and gave us a well deserved chance. Once people started trying our memory foam mattress in India, they were able to experience our superior quality. And their testimonies, both online and offline, opened a lot of doors for us.

Top selling products

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Helping India Sleep Better

FitMat India is among the top manufacturers and sellers of memory foam mattress in India. Our product range also includes topper, pillow and comforter. We understand that delivering comfortable sleeps is a very big responsibility. Therefore, we never compromises with quality even a bit. Over the years, we have realized that most people feel tired and restless throughout the day. And the primary cause is improper sleep. But, our products solve this problem once and for all. FitMat mattress ensures a perfect sleep every night. So, go ahead and order your today. We offer free shipping across India.

Premium quality and low price

The trend of online shopping is still relatively new. Therefore, most people do not feel comfortable buying big things online. But we are here to change that. We started our venture of selling memory foam mattress topper online in 2010. The goal was to ensure best quality products at lowest possible prices. So, our first task was to remove the middlemen like wholesalers, retailers, etc. As a result, we were able to reduce cost significantly. And the profit of this goes directly to our customers.

Buy the perfect memory foam mattress in India

There are few things in the World you can’t buy. A perfect sleep used to be one of them. But FitMat has changed that. Our memory foam mattress can ensure a completely relaxing sleep for you every night. The material is built to take the shape of your body. Thus, it provides perfect and even support to every part of the body. And the firmness of our products is kept to just the right level. That is to say, it is neither too soft nor too hard. So, don’t think too much. Place your order right now and take advantage of our free delivery.

Sleep is not something you can take lightly. It is the process by which your body repairs itself after working hard whole day. Moreover, it allows you to refuel your energy for the next day. Thus, it is an important part of the day. Therefore, in order to give your best every day, you need to make sure your body gets proper rest every night. And this is where we come in. FitMat is continuously working towards making memory foam available to everyone. It is the perfect material for mattress and pillow. It takes the shape of your body and thus provides perfect support. But, it is quite expensive. Therefore, a large part of population has still not opted for it. However, we have found a creative way to make it affordable. Check out our wide range of products to see for yourself.