Our Story

About Us

It all started in 2010. After studying the market carefully we realized that most Indians are having sleep problems. While the living standard of an average person is improving with time, their sleep quality is diminishing. That’s when we made the decision to step into the mattress industry. Our goal was to bring good quality memory foam mattresses in the Indian market at low prices.

A big portion of the money spent by the consumer goes to retailer, wholesaler, distributor, etc. To keep the cost low we had to bypass this distribution channel. Selling memory foam mattress online was the obvious option.

Another challenge was to ensure good quality. We could have outsourced manufacturing like most big brands. But that will not have fulfilled our purpose. Thus we decided to have our own manufacturing. It was a big investment. Also, it drastically increased the time and effort we had to put into our young company. But we knew it will pay off in the end.

Today, we are a well established memory foam mattress manufacturer and seller. Our mattress toppers are quite popular among our hundreds of clients across India. Also, the memory foam people has improved sleep for many people.

Our mission

We do not measure success in terms of profit. For us it is all about having happy customers. Our mission is to help people get a good sleep every night. We understand that every person has different requirements. And thus are always happy to get customized memory foam mattresses for our customer.

We also try to spread awareness about the importance of sleep through our social media campaigns. Less than 50% of Indians have a healthy sleep. People are focusing too much on hard work and not much on good rest. We believe that good sleep is a basic necessity and everyone should have it.

Our vision

We take a look at the future and see a world where sleep related problems are a thing of the past. No one suffers from back pain, neck pain, anxiety, migraine, etc. Because all these problems, and many others, are caused by lack of good sleeping habits.