Collection: Memory Foam Mattress

Sleep is an essential part of our lives. Whether we are tired, stressed or frustrated, we all know that sleep will make things better. Thus, it is very important to be comfortable during the night. This brings us to memory foam mattress. It is the best technology that ensures complete comfort for the user. The best thing is that it supports all sleeping positions. So, you don’t need to change anything about yourself to improve your life. Just place your order right now and give yourself a gift of better sleep. Your perfect sleeping partner will be shipped within a couple of working days and delivered to your doorsteps for free.

Why FitMat for memory foam mattress?

FitMat is one of the first online stores that introduced the memory foam technology in India. We have been manufacturing best quality mattress and pillow since 2010. We have removed the middlemen, like distributors and wholesalers, and sell directly to the customers. As a result, we are able to keep the prices low. In addition, we provide free shipping across India. This reduces the cost even further. Therefore, you don’t have to spend too much to take your comfort to the next level.

We understand that it is not easy to trust a new company. There are dozens of big names in the industry. But most of them are concerned with increasing sales. On the other hand, we only focus on providing top quality and satisfying our every customer. That’s why we provide up to 5 years warranty on all products. Thus, you don’t have to worry about the life of the product while buying it.

So, do not waste any more time. Place an order today and get delivery within a few days. Prices of our premium mattress starts at ₹8,500 only. Also, take a look at our memory foam mattress topper collection. It is a more economic alternative with similar level of comfort.