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8 reasons why you are not getting a good night sleep

Are you so uncomfortable at night that you have termed yourself as ‘nocturnal’? Or you find it so difficult to fall asleep at night as soon as you get into your bed after a full hectic day at work. Is your sleep that bad at night? Well! You are not alone then, there are millions of people in the world having various kinds of sleep disorders. Being deprived of a good night sleep leads to a number of other problems in the body as well.

What could be the issue?

Different people have different reasons for not getting a good night’s sleep. Here are some of them which seem to be quite common:

  1. Hectic working hours: Sometimes you get so exhausted for the day that you tend to become irritable neither able to sleep well nor do anything else. One should adjust his/her work routine accordingly.
  2. Stress level: At times you are highly stressed about something that doesn’t let you sleep properly. Maybe some things of the past or present which definitely turns you nocturnal.
  3. Bed & mattress not right: A mattress that is too firm or too soft often disturbs your sleep at night, makes you toss and turn the whole night. Kindly change your mattress immediately.
  4. High on Alcohol: If you are a little high on the alcohol level, that might be a reason that you are not able to sleep peacefully. Avoid drinking anything just before going to bed.
  5. Medications: If you are having some medications which are affecting your sleep, you should consult your doctor and find an alternative for the same. Deteriorating your sleep would rather worsen your health more.
  6. Use of a wrong Pillow: Using a perfect pillow to sleep is very important. If you face neck or back problems, it is advisable to use contour orthopedic pillows, especially for cervical.
  7. Too much of Caffeine: Drinking too much caffeine is not at all recommended by medical professionals as it hampers your sleep. One should not have coffee or any other beverage after sunset.
  8. Working out too late: You should set the proper time to work out as exercising makes your body active and refreshed. Working out in the later evening will definitely trouble you to fall asleep. The best time to exercise is early morning to make you feel active throughout the day.

One should always analyze and evaluate instances from your daily routine that could be responsible in not letting you have a good night sleep rather than being dependent on sleeping pills. Always look out for natural ways that would help you sleep better.

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