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Contour Orthopaedic Memory Foam Pillow (24" x 16" x 4")

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  • CERVICAL BED PILLOW: This pillow for neck pain provides therapeutic support and relieves neck, shoulder and back pain by allowing neck and shoulder muscles to fully relax
  • ADVANCED MEMORY FOAM: The pillow's core is made of responsive next-generation memory foam, which contours perfectly to relieve pressure points and boost blood circulation while sleeping.
  • PROMOTES CORRECT SLEEPING POSTURE - CONTOUR WAVE DESIGN: helps to keep the neck parallel to the sleep surface and in-line with lower spinal area. Provides support to correct sleeping posture, support your head and neck in proper alignment, and helps in relieving pain points.
  • PERFECT FOR BACK/SIDE SLEEPERS: FITMAT contour pillow works with all sleeping positions - back/side/stomach and provides correct support in all positions.
  • RIGHT BALANCE OF SUPPORT AND COMFORT:Choose between the higher and lower contours for the support that feels best. FITMAT pillow provides right balance of support and comfort that seems to wrap you up in its arms
FITMAT contour orthopaedic memory foam pillow is ergonomically designed that helps to promote correct sleeping posture and proper spine alignment. NASA developed visco elastic next-generation memory foam takes body shape while sleeping and provides perfect support to neck, shoulders and back. Helps in relieving neck/shoulders/back pain and cradles your head, neck and shoulders. With perfect height and medium firm feel, our pillow is designed to provide maximum comfort and support for people of all sleep positions.
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