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Slim Comfort Memory Foam Pillow (24" x 15" x 3")

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The memory foam Slim Comfort pillow is a visco-elastic pillow designed for people using slim or light-weight pillow rather than thick or bulky pillows. These pillows provide the following benefits:
  • These pillows offer effective pressure relief and unparalleled comfort.
  • Core of the pillow is next-generation responsive memory foam. It contours perfectly to boost circulation and relieve pressure points during sleep.
  • Combined with pressure point relief and total support, these regular shaped pillows, are well suited for supporting the neck, head and shoulders while sleeping.
  • Perfect for side/back/stomach sleepers, or anyone with chronic neck pain.
  • Is soft and smooth without slumps, good durability and easy to look after.
  • You can easily twist these pillows, once the pressure is released it comes back to its original shape.
  • If your current pillow isn’t helping to alleviate your problem of neck pains then replace your old pillow with this FITMAT slim comfort memory foam pillow that will help you wake up feeling rested, rejuvenated and happy.
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